The Dragon Games

The Dragon Games is an opportunity for dragon wranglers of all ages to show their skills. Put the dragons through their paces over four events and emerge champion dragon wrangler.

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Using beautifully designed dragon cards, The Dragon Games appeals to all ages with four different easy-to-learn events: Formations, Matches, Connections and Battle. The events are fun to play and help practise mathematics skills.

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Play a single event for a quick game or take your time on a Grand Tournament to determine the Dragon Grand Champion of the world.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 7+
Time: 10 min to 2 hours

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The Dragon Games was created by Statistics Learning Centre. The game design team is Dr Nicola Petty and Dr Shane Dye as lead game designers, William Petty as graphic designer and Jessia Petty as artist.

They are distributed in NZ by Cheeky Parrot Games.

The Dragon Games box set

Each event requires different skills in dragon wrangling.


  • Formations: Organise unruly dragons into ranks and groups.
  • Matches: Pair dragons with common attributes.
  • Connections: Finesse your dragons into their social network.
  • Battle: Pit your dragons head-to-head with the other wranglers' dragons.

You can see and suggest new events, solitaire and other games on our New games page.

48 unique dragon cards
12 attribute cards
36 connectors
12 gold medal tokens
5 reference cards
The Dragon Games rules

Download the game rules.